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Water Systems Workers' Compensation System in the US - Union Vs. Employer

Do you know of any groups of water systems workers that have been injured due to negligence or wrongdoings by water supply companies? If you do, you are certainly not alone. In fact, there are many such cases that have been reported all over the country in the past few years. In such unfortunate instances, the workers were exposed to dangerous drugs, resulted in permanent disabilities or even died of lung diseases.

You may be thinking that the water system's at employees work for a utility company which takes care of the main water supply of your city. That may be true up to a point. But most of them actually come from private companies that provide the service to residential and commercial properties. Moreover, the companies that provide such services are also obligated by the State to carry out quality testing on their water supply to make sure that it is clean and safe for the use of its customers.

But in most of these accidents, the workers are not unionized and this adds to the probability that they will fall ill or become seriously injured while working. The reason why there should be a group of workers' compensation professionals who can oversee the operations of water utility companies nationwide is simple - to ensure that these institutions operate in an efficient and safe manner at all times. So it is very important that the workers of such companies are properly protected.

Of course, workers from the water systems supply companies can also be trained on how to check for problems with water systems before they occur. However, this process is usually tedious, expensive, and takes up too much of the time of the workers. This is why the State should step in and take a proactive role in guaranteeing the safety of the utility company employees as well as of the customers who use the water systems. To ensure this happens, the State should require such companies to contract with the state-approved Medical Facilities Employers' Union (MFEU) to train their employees. Be sure to discover more here!

According to the MFEU's website, "Unionized water utility employees can benefit from improved sick leave benefits, more effective health care coverage, and more secure employment," thus allowing them to "work with the skills and knowledge they have been acquired through decades of union work without having to worry about losing those same skills and knowledge when they leave the union." This is obviously true for all water utility employees. So even though training would cost more than trainees brought in by the MFEU, the workers' compensation costs would be much lower. Additionally, since the cost of training a unionized employee is the same as that of non-unionized ones, the MFEU itself is able to pass along the savings to the customers of water utility companies. It is easy to see then that the union is not the enemy here - the employer is!

Unfortunately, in some states (such as Washington), the state government has recently been unable to accomplish this through the normal legislative procedures. Therefore, the union is now asking the Obama administration for help. The MFEU is urging the President and his administration to "rescue" the water system's workers' compensation system in the US. If you're a water utility worker who needs this kind of help, the group recommends that you "make your voice heard," so, "You can receive the help you need and deserve." You can do this by visiting their website. Read more about filters at

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